Our Artist Consulting Goals

We approach each artist with a blank slate. Instead of buying into a formulaic program, we taylor each and every session to match the needs of you and your ministry, building on previous sessions to achieve desired results and reach attainable goals.

  • Listen

    We want to hear from. Where are you at with your ministry? What are your goals? What are your biggest challenges? What's working and what's not?

  • Engage

    We want to brainstorm ideas within invited situations and questions using proven lessons found in our ChristianArtist.Pro Master Course.

  • Suggest

    Rather than dictate your next steps in-between sessions, we'll share recommendations and suggestions that will ultimately be acted upon by the artist.

What To Expect

While we allow individual sessions to be booked, we recommend planning for multiple sessions so we can continually help you in your artistic journey. We would recommend the following times and format for multiple sessions:

  • We recommend scheduling sessions at least once every other week at a consistent day of the week and time. Regular contact is helpful to build momentum and produces effective brainstorming of tangible next steps and goals that can be measured and put into immediate practice.

  • We would love to get to know you and your music ministry in the first session. This allows us to fully understand where you're at in this point of your ministry.

  • We would love to know answers to the following questions: What are some of your biggest challenges? What are some of your biggest goals as an artist? What partnerships do you currently have in place? What's working (and what's not)?

  • Finally, if you are going through the ChristianArtist.Pro Master Course, we would love an opportunity to hit the highlights with you. Bundling the course with four one-one-one consulting sessions is the most effective way we can help you move forward.


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What Artists Are Saying

Real Stories From Real Artists We've Worked With

“Networking as an independent worship artist can be hard enough and at times can feel lonely and disheartening but with the expertise, sound knowledgeable advice and pastoral leadership qualities we found through one-on-one consulting with ChristianArtist.pro, it reduced any intimidation factor of the Christian music industry. This added but necessary resource helped break down and clearly define our goals, allowed us to apply our resources to areas of success and helped re-shift our focus from old methods to new creative strategies of outreach. ”

Mark & Sarah Tillman, Singer/SongwritersMark & Sarah Tillman, Singer/Songwriters

“Very few people are more passionate about Christian music and musicians than the one-on-one consultants at ChristianArtist.Pro. Their launch of the Master Course, combined with individual connection, is the next step in a commitment to supporting independent Christian artists. Many creatives have a passion and a vision for sharing their art with the world but often have many questions of what first and vital steps to take. The opportunity to have focused sessions gives essential tools and guidance for how to take those steps in their calling and artistry and I can’t say enough about it.”

Brian Campbell, Worship LeaderBrian Campbell, Worship Leader

“When God called me to a path as an artist/songwriter, there was A LOT I didn’t know that had to be learned by years of trial and error. The ChristianArtist.Pro Master Course and one-on-one consulting is a much needed, deep well of guidance that will help artists at all levels gain clarity in mission and focus. I can say with confidence that there is not a more extensive resource available today, for understanding and navigating the music business landscape for an independent Christian musicianary!”

Jerry Fee, Songwriter, Producer & Front-Man For HeliographJerry Fee, Songwriter, Producer & Front-Man For Heliograph