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Introducing the 2023 CAP Master Course

It's an exciting time to be an independent Christian artist! After years of working with hundreds of Christian artists in an industry evolving at a hyper-speed, we've created a 9-segment course that will guide you in every area of your artistry and ministry. We desire to effectively set you up for independent success as you chase your dream towards full-time ministry and impact your communities for God's Kingdom! Are you ready?

Big Questions Answered

Indie artists face so many challenges. Here are a few of the most important topics we'll cover in-depth as we guide you into practical next steps of being a professional Christian artist.

  • Now What? Making music is the easy part. What you do next will take you from hobby to full-time ministry.

  • What's Your Story? We'll talk about building your brand and story, how to use that to construct your team and why defining these are more important in the Christian music genre than any other.

  • What's Next? From marketing, to touring, to chasing radio and everything in-between, there are dozens of areas where you can spend time, money and resources. We'll help you focus.


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What Artists Are Saying

Real Stories From Real Artists We've Worked With

“The Master Course proved to be an invaluable tool of training for us. It’s easy to read and practical application has challenged growth and strengthened areas of success. It has been a tremendous time saver and has immensely helped us filter out what’s helpful to our process and what’s hurting us. This resource has helped us stick to clear and practical goals while breaking down the unknowns of the business element and providing growth in areas we didn’t even consider!”

Mark & Sarah Tillman, Singer/Songwriters

“When God called me to a path as an artist/songwriter, there was A LOT I didn’t know that had to be learned by years of trial and error. The ChristianArtist.Pro Master Course is a much needed, deep well of guidance that will help artists at all levels gain clarity in mission and focus. I can say with confidence that there is not a more extensive resource available today, for understanding and navigating the music business landscape for an independent Christian musicianary! ”

Jerry Fee, Songwriter, Producer & Front-Man For Heliograph

“Very few people are more passionate about Christian music and musicians than the team behind ChristianArtist.Pro. Their launch of the Master Course is the next step in a commitment to supporting independent Christian artists. Many creatives have a passion and a vision for sharing their art with the world but often have many questions of what first and vital steps to take. The Master Course gives essential tools and guidance for how to take those steps in their calling and artistry and I can’t say enough about it. I’m grateful to the CAP team for their genuine support I’ve received over the years. I cannot think of a better champion of, and for, emerging Christian artists.”

Brian Campbell, Worship Leader

“"The ChristianArtist.Pro Master Course has definitely helped me in a number of ways. Right before I started going through the course, I was wondering if I should just give up the 'dream,' what I felt God had called me to do. I couldn’t see why I should continue or what I should do next. The Lord placed this course in my lap and I felt strongly that it was Him speaking to me and encouraging me to continue on the path, to continue to use the music he has given me for His purposes. I got some very challenging and practical guidelines that were very helpful! After going through the course, I now know what to focus on doing, with the end goal of bringing people to Christ! Thank you so much for putting this together and for sharing your insight and knowledge to help many!"”

Ingunn Jennings, Singer/Songwriter

“"I'm a Christian artist with over 10 years of experience in Christian Music but I know the importance of continuing to educate myself about the always changing music industry. The ChristianArtist.Pro Master Course does an excellent job of presenting essential information which will help to equip any aspiring Christian artist for success in their calling from God. There is a huge wealth of current and updated information, experience and advice shared in this course. It's up to date with the way the music industry has changed over the years. It's been great for me!"”

“The ChristianArtist.Pro Master Class has clear perspective, easy-to-understand information, personal guidance, friendly encouragement, and is loaded with great resources. It has helped me navigate the ministry and business of getting my songs and artistry out there. I can't recommend this course enough!”

Niki Savich