The Details

What we are, who we're for and who's behind the scenes.

Read below to learn more about what we are all about, who we have created CAP for and the team behind this vision. [Read More]
<B>The Details</B>

The Changing Industry

By Kevin McNeese, Founder, ChristianArtist.Pro

Read below for how we see Christian music making a massive transition in the marketplace. Are you prepared? [Read More]
<B>The Changing Industry</B>

What We Offer

Take the Master Course individually, schedule one-on-one consulting with a CAP instructor or combine both for an incredible learning experience!

The Details

What we are, who we're for and who's behind the scenes.

What Is CAP?
ChristianArtist.Pro (CAP) is a growing community designed to elevate the platform of independent Christian music artists by giving them access to training, tools, music industry professionals and fellow artists worldwide. From recording, to marketing, to social media strategies and booking, CAP exists to raise the bar for all of its artists seeking to thrive as independent creatives.

Who Is CAP For?
CAP is for any musician, artist or band that identifies as a faith-based artist. We understandably the unique challenges of the ever-changing digital music age, and will help artists cut through the cluttered, competitive landscape by finding meaningful ways for them to connect directly with fans. In short, CAP is for anyone looking to bridge the gap and expand the footprint of their musical ministry.

Who Is Behind CAP?
The team launching CAP has a combined 40 years in the Christian music industry, encompassing experience in recording, production, management, retail and eCommerce, editorial and public relations, social media strategies and best marketing practices. We believe all our experience has led to this endeavor with you.

The Changing Industry

Christian music is in a massive transition. Are you prepared? // By Kevin McNeese, Founder, ChristianArtist.Pro

Making music isn't the hard part. Chances are, if you're here, you've already completed that step. The expensive studio packed with state of the art equipment has been quickly replaced with computers and instruments stuffed in basements, hotel rooms, tour vans and broom closets.

In this era of music, where success and viability seem to be ever-shifting targets, people are more open than ever to giving independent or underground acts a listen. Music is just as relevant as ever. The audience, however, has been fragmented by years of disruption, industry consolidation at the top and mass experimentation at the bottom, leaving growing consumer frustration and fatigue that seems to bury even the hardest working artists.

I've been fortunate to have a front row seat to the past two decades of tectonic shift within the Christian music industry. I've seen brick-and-mortar retail at its economic pinnacle and have witnessed its slow, painful demise as music departments went from entire rooms to mere shelves and more recently, non-existent. I've watched radio consolidate around smaller and smaller playlists, spreading its limited formula across the country. I've seen the touring market struggle, thrive, and struggle again to connect with audiences across the country. 

And as an editorial and promotional partner at NewReleaseToday, the largest Christian music site online, I've come alongside the music ministry of hundreds of artists who are out on their own doing what God has called them to do. I know it's not easy. At times, it can be discouraging, but the time is now to become better—together. 

There's much to focus on as a Christian musician, and that's where we will help. Through our ChristianArtist.Pro Master Course, you'll be able to better understand the changing landscape, equip yourself to excel above the rest and tell your story in a professional manner. You'll have access to regular webinars with top professionals from every corner of our industry, able and willing to invest in your individual endeavors to help you grow. And you'll have access to one-on-one consulting services that will accelerate your potential and guide you into next steps, customized for you and your ministry. 

ChristianArtist.Pro will be a constantly growing and evolving training ground to ensure that the future of Christian music remains vibrant and healthy, that all styles of music from all levels of artists from all corners of the globe have the best chance at making the biggest impact. This is CAP. And we are all better, together.